The Global Ant Project (GAP)

We are reaching out to the global ant community to create resources and tools for the study of ants. Through a series of meetings at Harvard University and at the Chicago Field Museum, a small group of myrmecologists have met to set up specific goals. Refer to GAP meeting notes and objectives for details. All are welcome to contribute ideas and content to this collaboration..

Gap Group

NEW! You can now view the complete text files of Barry Bolton's Synopsis of the Formicidae and Catalogue of Ants of the World. Barry Bolton has continued to revise both the Synopsis and the Catalogue and will post an updated text version every six months on this web site.

We have created a list of 982 World Ant Taxonomists and on each author's web page we added an image if available, a brief biographical note, a brief summary of their ant taxonomic contributions and a list of their ant taxonomic publications. When PDF reprints become available, we will link these papers to each reference. At the moment we have linked 4,000 PDF documents. If you are interested in contributing to this effort, please submit PDF publications, author images and biographical text via email and we will add your name to our credit list: Gary D. Alpert, Christian Rabeling, Kari Ryder-Wilkie, Edward O. Wilson, Marek Borowiec, Cesare Baroni Urbani, Robert Taylor, Mostafa Sharaf, Ross Crozier, Alex Wild, David Lubertazzi, Graham Elmes, Jacques Delabie, Himender Bharti, Seiki Yamane, Katsuyuki Eguchi, Alfred Buschinger, Rodrigo Feitosa, Martin Pfeiffer, Antonio Scupola, Brian Heterick, James Trager, Rogerio Silvestre, Archie McAruthur, and Barry Bolton. We dedicate this World Ant Taxonomist list to Ross Crozier who was making contributions up to his last moments.

We have developed a LUCID key to the Extant Ant Genera of the World. This key is based upon Barry Bolton's Synopsis of the Formicidae and his Identification Guide to the Ant Genera of the World. We have posted this key as it is being developed with the hope that others will make contributions and provide constructive comments.

We promote other myrmecological websites through our Web Based Resources section. Here you will find links to identification tools, blogs and more.

David Lubertazzi, postdoc at Harvard University, presented a poster on GAP and EOL at the IUSSI XVI 2010 Congress in Copenhagen Denmark.

Kautz, S. & Moreau, C.S. 2010. Myrmecol. News 14: 69-72. Creating Encyclopedia of Life's species pages for ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): What we have done and what remains to be done

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