Thomas M. Alloway



Tom Alloway worked on the evolution and social structure of inquiline ants.

After 40 years at the same job, Thomas Alloway retired as a Professor of Psychology and Zoology at the University of Toronto at Mississauga. Tom received his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Northwestern University in 1968 and came to the University of Toronto the same year. His principal research area was the behaviour of ants. He is also the creator of Sniffy, the Virtual Rat, a computer program that provides a virtual laboratory experience for university students enrolled in courses on the psychology of learning. Winner of a Financial Post Design Effectiveness Award, Sniffy is currently used at over 200 universities and colleges around the world.

Tom has a long history of volunteer work for health-related charities. As President of the AIDS Committee of Toronto from 1984-86, he led the team that negotiated Ontario’s system of government funding for AIDS service organizations. He was also President of Hemophilia Ontario from 1993-96 at the time when it negotiated compensation from the provincial government for people who were infected with HIV as a result of receiving contaminated blood or blood products. While President of the Canadian Hemophilia Society from 2001-04, he led a successful campaign to broaden that organization’s scope of service to include all Canadians with inherited bleeding disorders. Currently, he is Chair of the Canadian Hemophilia Society’s National Fundraising Council.


A single taxonomic paper on ants is listd below.


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