James C. Trager

James Trager


Missouri Botanical Garden James.Trager@mobot.org 636-451-3512 ext 6002

U. S. entomologist and naturalist. Born 5 September  in Washington, D.C. to linguists Edith (Crowell) Trager and George L. Trager. Educated Northern Illinois University (B.S., 1974), University of Kansas (M.A., 1977); University of Florida (Ph.D., 1984). Professional experience: University of Florida, Assistant Research Scientist in Entomology, studying fire ants (1984-1988); University of Missouri-St. Louis, Mo., instructor (1988-1990); Shaw Nature Reserve of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Gray Summit, Mo., Biologist/Naturalist (1991-present), in charge of ecological restoration, vegetation management, natural history education programs, and is liaison to academic researchers (mostly ecologists) who use the Reserve as a field site.
Trager still periodically publishes articles on ant taxonomy (peer-reviewed), and other natural history topics, and instructs at the Ant Course .

Works in progress:
Global revision of the ant genus Polyergus (in preparation)

Ant community assembly in restored glades, with Jon Chase, WUSTL and Nathan Sanders, U. Tenn. Knoxville. (preliminary sampling, designing study)

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AntWeb Missouri     http://www.antweb.org/missouri.jsp


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