Jorge Wagensberg



Jorge Wagensberg (1948) is professor in Theory of Irreversible Processes in the Faculty of Physics, Barcelona University. He created and directs the series Metatemas published by Tusquets Editores, a collection which is a reference point for scientific thought and which celebrated its twenty-first birthday in 2004. From 1991 to 2005 he was the director of CosmoCaixa, the Science Museum of the Foundation "la Caixa", a pioneering institution of its kind in the world. Since the beginning of 2005 he has been the director of the Area of the Environment and Science of the Foundation "la Caixa".He has published over a hundred research works in fields as wide-ranging as thermodynamics, mathematics, biophysics, microbiology, palaeontology, entomology, scientific museology and philosophy of science. Among other books he has written Nosotros y la ciencia (1980), Ideas sobre la complejidad del mundo (1985) - translated into French: L'âme de la méduse (1987), Amazonia, ilusiones ilustradas (1996), Introducció a la teoria de la probabilitat i la informació (1996) - with J. Masoliver -, Ideas para la imaginación impura (1998), Si la naturaleza es la respuesta ¿cuál era la pregunta? (2002), La rebelión de las formas (2004) and A más cómo menos por qué (2006) , El Gozo intelectual (2007), Yo, lo supérfluo y el error (2009)


Published two papers on Dominican amber fossils.


Brandão, C. R. F.; Baroni Urbani, C.; Wagensberg, J.; Yamamoto, C. I. 1999 [1998]. New Technomyrmex in Dominican amber (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), with a reappraisal of Dolichoderinae phylogeny. Entomol. Scand. 29: 411-428

De Andrade, M. L.; Baroni Urbani, C.; Brandão, C. R. F.; Wagensberg, J. 1999. Two new species of Leptothorax "Nesomyrmex" fossils in Dominican amber (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Beitr. Entomol. 49: 133-140


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